Cosmic Collection

This collection features 8 one of a kind pieces made of golden bronze and white copper. They all have a vibe as if they were created in cosmic energy. Feeling more spiritual instead of grounded to mother earth but still very much connected with your own self.

Geaard Collection

“Geaard” is the Dutch word for grounded. This collection features 8 golden bronze pieces that all represent grounding. Each piece in this collection still has its own personality and represents what “geaard” means to oneself. Grounding is so important to all of us. I strongly believe that life is easier when you are grounded and I know from my own experience that a reminder of that is very much needed at times. We can get so lost, and lose our footing for whatever reason. The “Geaard” collection helps us with this. A pretty gentle golden reminder we can carry with us.

Imagination Unlimited Collection

This collection features pendants and necklaces created without boundaries of thought, size, or shape. The creation encourages you to be true to yourself, and comfortable with who you are and what you look like. To speak your truth while being kind and humble and warm to all you encounter. All pieces are inspired in the moment and created with love on the spot. Pieces are added to this collection one at a time.

Inspired Creations Collection

This collection features pieces added one by one reflecting on what goes on in life at the moment. They are timeless pieces to carry with you or gift to someone special. They can reflect on any moment or situation in this world anywhere. They are stories and memories of events, situations, and occurrences of magic anywhere. They can just be a reflection of love, nature, holidays, and any special moments in between.

Nature's Magic Collection

Life is full of symbols, signs, and messages to help us on our path. Nature is one of those places where we find all that magic. In all different shapes and forms. This collection features 8 unique handmade pendants made with lots of love. Enjoy wearing something beautiful and timeless that can help remind you of the messages we are shown every day to help us. Whether it be to guide us through a single moment, situation, or just a confirmation of who we are and what we stand for in this life. Nature is a place full of signs and messages for each and every one of us. These pieces are part of the messages nature presents us with.

Moon + Stars Collection

This collection features 8 unique, one-of-a-kind golden bronze pendants all inspired by the universe and how we are all connected in energy to one another. It's a combination of golden warm moon vibes, sparkling stars and a whisper of light and joy for the future. 

Joyful Flowers Collection

This collection features 8 unique, one-of-a-kind pendants all inspired by beautiful flowers. Some showcase the beauty of Roses, Zinnias, Daisies, and more.